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TechLib: Education Without Barriers

Ensuring girls can access IT education is a key component of our activities. In addition to providing access, it is often necessary to remove barriers, not only psychological ones, like prejudice or the lack of understanding of family and friends, but also physical ones. In Aj Ty v IT, we decided to change this.

Some of the girls struggle with logistics, as they have no way of travelling to our courses, and others are limited by the bad financial situation of their families and they have no one to help, support and motivate them. No matter what the barriers are, each one of them moves girls away from fulfilling their dreams and goals. In Aj Ty v IT, we decided to change this.

The idea of founding the Technical Library, #techlib, arose during a lively team discussion when we had a heated exchange on those barriers, and we were trying to ‘square the circle’ again. We sometimes shout over each other, although we are trying to do it in a cultured way. I remember when Boba shouted us all down and said firmly: “I will tell you what we should do. Let’s open a library, and we will lend hardware that will be accessible for all!” And that is how the idea of founding a technical library of Aj Ty v IT called TechLib was created. The process from an idea to its implementation usually takes a long time, especially in the world of non-profits, but we have been incredibly lucky – to have our partners!

Shortly after we came up with the idea, we first presented it to the Z Zurich Foundation during our regular reporting. They immediately found it interesting, and soon provided funds to help us begin building the project on solid foundations. Our next portion of luck was the assistance of our long-term partner AT&T as well as getting support from the SK.NIC grant programme, which we are using to gradually buy new hardware. And the last miracle that came very fast was getting a key logistics partner – Slovak Parcel Service.

The support of all these organisations enables us to fulfil our dream of TechLib and accessible hardware for all. And it is a very simple but powerful idea;everything we train the girls and teachers in, they can immediately try and further develop their skills using our hardware. When they master the given topic, they will give the hardware back free of charge, and we can lend it to other girls and schools, while they can choose something else. Beautiful, clean, simple.

Because #technologyhasnogender, and thanks to these partners, no barriers either.