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Women Tester Academy for women from Ukraine

Women Tester Academy (WTA) is intended for women who are interested to enter the IT world through software testing.

The aim of the course is to prepare participants for software testing of applications and larger functional units. The course includes a final test, on the basis of which the successful participant will receive the Aj Ty v IT certificate.

We also held a live event on Facebook for the course – Opportunity for women from Ukraine – HOW TO START IN SOFTWARE TESTING. You can watch the video and ask us your questions by email.

Why do we organise Women Tester Academy for Women from Ukraine?

Many women from Ukraine who fled the war cannot do the work they used to do at home. We therefore want to offer them the possibility of retraining to start working in IT, which will enable them to find work not only in Slovakia, but also in Ukraine, once the war is over and they may return home. The IT sector lacks a lot of specialists and at the same time offers interesting work, high-quality financial compensation and flexible working hours. Just as we believe that it is a good career option for Slovak women, we also believe that it is an excellent opportunity for women from Ukraine.

The course is in English language.

Deadline for registrations

Register until March 28, 2023. After that, the selection of participants will take place, we will inform the registered participants whether they have been selected for the course or not. The latest date you will receive the information is April 05, 2023.


Selection of participants

The decisive criterion in the selection is the motivation why the applicant wants to participate in the academy and how she plans to use the acquired knowledge. We therefore recommend paying extra attention to these parts when filling out the registration. We also take into account the level of English knowledge.

What does the course include

  • 16 lessons lasting 3 hours for 8 weeks (lessons twice a week), a total of 48 hours. Attendance at the lessons is mandatory and to receive a certificate you need to have at least 80% attendance at the lessons.
  • Part of the course is certification as the 17th lesson and a subsequent discussion with the lecturers.
  • Online support via Discord.

In addition to the lessons themselves, the course also includes other events and subjects:

  • Workshop How to learn
    • Klaudia Bednárová, director of the Bridge – English Language Centre, will guide you through the workshop. It will introduce you to basic techniques for learning and improving in a foreign language, and you can apply these techniques to learning technical skills. Workshop lasts for 1 hour.
  • Workshop to support career change
    • This workshop will help you to more easily find employment within the IT industry or advance in a new job following completion of the course. You will be guided through the workshop by Zuzana Jojićová, who is a mentor, consultant and coach. The participants are divided into two groups. The duration of the workshop is 4 hours and each group has it on a different weekend day and time.
  • #IamRemarkable workshop
    • Lola Onipko leads this workshop as a part of Google’s initiative to empower women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in and out of the workplace. The workshop lasts 1.5 hours.
  • Discussion with graduates of the course
    • At the moderated discussion, you will have the opportunity to ask the graduates about their experiences with applying after the course and anything that will interest you as a future graduate. The discussion lasts 1 hour.
  • CV workshop
    • IT headhunter Lucia Štellerová you through how to write a resume, motivation letter and how to prepare for an interview. The workshop lasts 2 hours.
  • Workshop on salary negotiation
    • Lecturer Viktor Kostický will introduce you to the techniques of how to negotiate a salary and will explain the factors that influence the negotiation. The workshop lasts 1.5 hours.
  • LinkedIn workshop
    • Veronika Pizano will explain how to use LinkedIn, what is important when creating a profile, how to find relevant contacts and job offers on it. The workshop lasts 1.5 hours.
  • Preparation for the technical interview
    • The lecturer Martin Škarbala will guide you through the process, which takes place as the technical part of the interviews. It lasts 1 hour.

What the course participant needs

  • live in Slovakia,
  • effective knowledge of English (at least level B1 or B2),
  • stable internet connection,
  • enough time (approxinately 15 hours per week – counting the lessons and the preparation for lessons).

What the participant will know at the end of the course

  • the basics of testing
  • exploratory testing
  • Session Based Testing
  • knowledge of test creation techniques (white/black box at ISTQB Foundation Level)
  • tools for testing, test management and reporting (jira)
  • SQL – the ability to write simpler select and insert
  • the basics of API testing
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript testing basics
  • working with Git


In case of any questions, contact Anna Prytysk, Project Manager, at [email protected].


Partner of event

Viktória Fuhrmannová Lektoruje

Viktória Fuhrmannová je absolventkou jedného z prvých ročníkov Women Tester Academy. Po vyštudovaní STU pôsobila niekoľko rokov v marketingu ale spojenie kreatívneho a technického myslenia začala uplatňovať až pri softvérovom testingu. Baví ju odovzdávať nadobudnuté znalosti z manuálneho testovania a na aktuálnom projekte sa intenzívne zoznamuje so svetom automatizácie.

Maroš Kutschy Lektoruje

Maroš Kutschy is "Technical Lead - QA" at NESS KE, s.r.o. His hobby is automation testing, he specializes in the Java Selenium Cucumber framework. He is the author of the Jasecu Automation Framework: https://github.com/maroskutschy/Jasecu. He likes to coach, mentor and help people enter the world of testing, in 2022 he was a speaker at the Testing United conferences in Prague and Nordic Testing Days in Tallinn. He likes personal development books and working out in the gym.

Matej Kukučka Lektoruje

Matej Kukučka sa k testingu dostal náhodou, vyplynulo to zo situácie v práci a odvtedy už ubehlo takmer 15 rokov a testing ho stále baví. Prešiel si viacerými pozíciami, ale najviac ho láka práca s ľuďmi, či už s koncovými zákazníkmi ako UAT koordinátor, alebo s kolegami, ako test lead. V súčasnosti pôsobí ako vedúci oddelenia SW testingu v spoločnosti SANAE a kompetenčný líder za testing v rámci slovenskej pobočky Artin.

Patrik Zakovič Lektoruje

Patrik Zakovič sa prvýkrát stretol s testingom ešte počas vysokej školy. Ako manuálny tester prešiel rôznymi projektami z bankového prostredia a v tejto oblasti pôsobí už takmer 6 rokov. Posledné obdobie sa venuje výlučne test automatizácii a RPA. V súčasnosti pôsobí v Slovenskej sporiteľni, a.s., kde sa podieľal na budovaní platformy pre automatizáciu testov a robotizáciu procesov.