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From Relocation to Resilience: Empowering Women in the Global Job Market

The date of the workshop was changed to February 13th, 2024 (original date was January 30th, 2024).

In this workshop, we will discuss the primary challenges women encounter during relocation, explore methods for identifying opportunities, and compile a comprehensive list of tools available to facilitate a fresh start in the IT career field. A significant portion of this session will be dedicated to uncovering the potential of LinkedIn as a networking and job search resource. Participants will receive tips and techniques for enhancing their profiles, connecting with professionals, and expanding their network reach.

For whom is the workshop intended?

This workshop is designed especially for women from Ukraine who have arrived in Slovakia and are beginning the career challenges and changes associated with it.

Alena Kozub Lektoruje

With over 10 years of experience in global PR, communications, and brand marketing, including 8 years in IT, my career has spanned renowned organizations like Volkswagen, Wargaming (a global game developer), and Flo (the #1 women's health app in the world). Last year, I faced the challenge of leaving my homeland, restarting my career from scratch, and balancing a leadership role with motherhood. I'm deeply passionate about French culture, modern art, education, events, and semiotics, holding a master's degree in communications from CELSA (Paris).