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We are Aj Ty v IT


Helping the ICT sector to never
lose a single talented woman.

Aj Ty v IT was established in 2012 aiming to motivate and support girls and women in the information technology sector. The focus of Aj Ty v IT is well expressed by the motto “Technology has no gender”. Our goal is to actively contribute to building a gender equal technology sector. We believe women, rather than being marginalised, need to become an integral part of our technological future.

We act to break social stereotypes about women’s involvement in IT. We are building a community, and educate girls from the age of 8 to high school students, as well as adult women, for whom we provide professional career programs.


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Girls, women and teachers
attended our learning programms
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We helped to increase the number of female students in ICT
from 5% to 15%
We offered more than
Online events

Our team


Petra Kotuliaková


Barbora Dančová


Veronika Pizano


Board members

Natália Kisková

Board Member

Lucia Štellerová

Board Member

Martina Šturdíková

Board Member

Ivana Halpert

Board Member

People, Planning & Strategy

Denisa Hájková

Partners and External Relationships Manager

Marketing Communications and Community

Miroslava Čechová


Monika Kapráliková

Head of Marketing

Miroslava Lehocká

Social Media Specialist

Silvia Marejčáková

Marketing Specialist

Project managers

Lenka Ježík

Project Manager

Lenka Kohútová

Project Manager

Kristína Kolníková

Project Manager

Lenka Krajčíková

Project Manager

Jaroslav Marko

Project Manager for Techlib

Matúš Masica

Project Manager

Mariana Štefánková

Project Manager


Zuzana Majchráková

Coordinator for Middle Slovakia

Miriam Skipalová

Coordinator for West Slovakia

Viktória Svobodová

Coordinator for East Slovakia

Lucia Zednikovičova

Coordinator for Techlib

Office support

Lucia Madaraszová

Economy Assistant

Samuel Zboja

Office Manager

Ocenenia Aj Ty v IT


AIVD Cena za celoživotné vzdelavánie dospelých

udelená Asociáciou inštitúcií vzdelávania dospelých v kategórii Vzdelávací projekt


Nominácia na svetovú Cenu UNESCO

za vzdelávanie dievčat a žien (UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education)


European Women in TECH

udelená Oddelením Medzinárodného obchodu veľvyslanectva Veľkej Británie (Department of International Trade of British Embassy) v kategórii Tech Inclusion Award

Ocenenie zakladateľky a riaditeľky
Aj Ty v IT
, Petry Kotuliakovej


CESAward Slovensko

udelená porotou Central European Startup Awards v kategórii Najinšpiratívnejšia žena roka (Feale Role Model)

Ocenenie zakladateľky a riaditeľky
Aj Ty v IT
, Petry Kotuliakovej

Diversity Charter

We are a signatory of the Slovak Diversity Charter whose aim is to support inclusion and diveristy in the workplace. By signing the Charter we voluntarily commited to create and sustain inclusive workplace for our employees regardles of age, gender, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation and physical ability. The Slovak Diversity Charter is part of the EU Platform of Diversity Charters which was initiated and funded by the European Commission.