Workshop s Annou Kazlauskas a Loewen Cavill v Bratislave





Dospelé ženy

Inšpiratívny workshop s Annou Kazlauskas and Loewen Cavill, absolventkami prestížneho Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), štvrtej najlepšej univerzity v USA.

Kedy: v piatok 8.11.2019 o 15:00 hod.
Kde: ImpactHub, Hviezdoslavovo nám. 20
Kapacita: 25 účastníčok

Workshop potrvá približne 2 hodiny, komunikačným jazykom je angličtina.

Zaregistruj sa na tento workshop cez formulár.

Obsah workshopu:

3-3:30pm: Introduction

Anna: how to go from an idea to a working concept with business potential

  • Learning on your own: how I went from knowing nothing about machine learning to starting a machine learning company
  • Tech demo: machine learning, how it works and where you already use it every day

Loewen: overview of different areas of tech

  • Overview of the variety of student startups coming out of MIT
  • Tech demo: video of hyperloop high speed transport, how she learned the technology from her peers


  • Hands on demo: diving into the code behind the social media apps you use every day
  • Note: laptop with internet required for each participant. No software installation required.

4-4:30pm: What it’s like to work in IT

  • Common misconceptions about IT, and why it can be actually quite fun
  • Anna and Loewen each share a story of working on a team to build technology
  • Remote and flexible work

4:30-5pm: Next steps

  • Resources for learning on your own
  • Open source projects to start contributing to today
  • What could you do in a month? What could you do in a year?

Loewen Cavill studied Mechanical Engineer with a concentration in Robotics and Computer Science at MIT. She led MIT’s student-run startup accelerator, Flux, and worked with the Boston Mayor’s Office in its effort to democratize data access. Loewen invests in frontier technologies for Bessemer Venture Partners and Dorm Room Fund. She has worked on jet engine technology, autonomous vehicle design, and the levitation system for the MIT Hyperloop team. She worked in labs to decrease the manufacturing costs of solar panels, devise more sustainable materials, and model grid-level storage requirements simulating varying levels of clean power.


Anna Kazlauskas is a developer interested in emerging technologies. She studied computer science and economics at MIT and previously started a Y Combinator-backed machine learning startup. She has worked at the World Bank, the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank.