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Everything for the smallest girls

Already in primary school, girls dream about what they become when they grow up.

We want to show them that they can programme their dreams. For instance, using Python!

The goal of our programmes and activities for the youngest girls is to spark interest in technologies and convince them that programming and IT as such can be creative and fun.

Projects for the smallest girls

8-15 years of age

The goal is to show girls interesting opportunities for individual or family activities with the computer and make them curious through:


– programming a small robot called Ozobot using marker pens

– programming small pocket computers called micro:bits

– creating creative computer games, fun animations or stories using the Scratch programming language

– building and programming a LEGO robot

We regularly visit primary schools and organise workshops on various topics. We enrich the content of IT lessons and show new possibilities that IT offers both for studies and career.

If you are interested in a workshop in your school, send us an email!

Western Slovakia: [email protected]

Central Slovakia: [email protected]

Eastern Slovakia: [email protected]

The ENTER programme is an educational programme of the Slovak Telekom company and we are honoured to be part of it together with the OZ Učíme s hardvérom civic association. The goal of this project is to enable schools to make use of the newest innovations in teaching informatics by providing material assistance as well as the necessary teaching methodologies. In the project, pupils and parents will find manuals and educational materials, and teachers will have the opportunity to get the necessary skills and experience.

You can read more at:

If you are interested in a workshop in your school, send us an email: [email protected]

We have been organising the Scratch Match competition since 2017 and its main goal is to motivate girls at primary schools to explore the world of technologies. At the competition, they can use their talent and creativity to create a computer game, a fun animation or a story using the simple programming language Scratch.

More at:

A creative Saturday workshop, where we teach girls the basics of Scratch, while the parents talk over breakfast about the opportunities and perspectives of their daughters’ future careers.

Their goal is to provide participants with the first active experience of education with Aj Ty v IT, and the first experience with longer-term systematic activities. Focus is being placed on creativity:

  • fun programming with
  • starting with micro:bit
  • Scratch for advanced students

Frequently Asked Questions

80% OF ALL jobs in the future will require IT skills. Informatics will be necessary for your daughter to find a job.

When your daughter is 25 years old and she enters the labour market, do you know which tasks will still exist and what will be the new tasks that we do not even know today?

One of the possibilities for how parents and family can help their daughter when getting basic skills is to support her in programming and enrol her on one of your workshops or the Scratch Match competition.

Scratch is a block-based programming language, where girls learn basic programming methods, which they can then use and build on when programming the micro:bit. In the future, they will already be acquainted with the logic of any programming environment.

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