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Everything for adult women

We educate women and connect them to the labour market

Do you want to improve your IT skills or are you thinking about a career in IT? You are in the right place in both cases.

We offer digital literacy workshops or special courses in data analysis, testing and programming. Under the leadership of proven lecturers and in female-only groups, you will gain knowledge and skills that will help you get into the world of IT and be up to speed with the newest developments.

Our offer also includes career workshops focused on goal-setting, tips on how to write a CV, prepare for job interviews or negotiate the salary. We organise both in-person and online courses.

Projects for adult women

19 - 99 years of age

The DigiWomen course is aimed at women who want to learn IT skills and prepare for further IT education. The lessons will help them master Excel and other Office 365 tools and become confident about their further career development.

Long-term courses focused on preparing participants for specific junior IT positions. The intensive courses contain both theoretical and practical parts so that the participant finds her way in the field, learns the processes and gets practical skills that she will be able to apply instantly.

Workshops focused on individual areas get women acquainted with the world of technologies to make it easier for them to select the area they want to be active in in the future. This includes the topics of internet security, JavaScript, SQL and project management.
Short-term courses will introduce participants to a specific topic and teach them the basics or offer knowledge to supplement the long-term courses. These include Excel with Excel, HTML and CSS courses.
They offer the opportunity to meet the Aj Ty v IT team, other course participants or lecturers. We organise them in different parts of Slovakia and each is focused on a different topic.

Frida represents a combination of a conference and a meet-up, with networking as the fundamental component. Each Frida has its topic, gives participants the opportunity to learn about different IT topics and positions and inspires them to embark on a change or a career shift.

Get to know our academies

is aimed at women who are interested in entering the world of IT through software testing. The goal of the course is to prepare participants for software testing of applications and bigger functional elements. The course also includes a final exam and each participant who passes it gets an Aj Ty v IT certificate.

is aimed at women who are interested in finding their way into the practical basics of data analytics and thus get universally applicable knowledge. The course is also an entry ticket into the more advanced Data Science course and Machine Learning in general.

will introduce the participants to the present world of different database programmes and data structures. Then, practical examples will be used to teach participants how to process, connect and analyse data in databases using the SQL language.

is for women interested in UX (User Experience), ways how to ideate and prototype products, design best practices or application testing. The course is suitable for beginners with no previous experience.

will teach participants what is risk, how to perform an analysis of IT security risks, what is the ISO 27001 standard, what is the information security management system, what requirements are included in ISO 27002 and how to verify compliance with an ISO standard.

will teach the participants to view the world around them as programmers see it. It is focused on programming in Python, one of the most popular modern programming languages.

is aimed at women who are interested in getting acquainted with programming basics in Python and programming as such.

is aimed especially at participants who have finished the WDA course and are interested in deepening their knowledge of data science and machine learning or for women already active in data analysis.

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