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You can work in IT too. What you need is the courage to change your life, people who will support you, learn new things, get skills, and create contacts. This is something we cannot give you just like that, but we can share it together in the COMMUNITY.

Our community

is a space for open dialogue, mutual sharing of information and advice, common activities, and education support not only for women and girls who want to realise their potential in IT but also for those only thinking about it. We also like to see knowledgeable men in our community. To put it simply, we welcome everyone who identifies with our goals and activities and wants to bring new ideas, constructive criticism, and cooperation opportunities.

We mostly see each other and talk online on Discord in open thematic channels as well as closed support groups for individual courses. However, our connections and relations grow into the real world not only on the individual level but also in the form of regular meetups.

If you have any questions or doubts or you are simply looking for your space and the support of similarly minded women, do not hesitate and Come with Us!


Read the statements of girls and women who are part of our community.


Install the discord app on your mobile and computer, you will get quick access and notifications (

Want to know Discord works? Watch a short video on Youtube.


Do you have any questions?

Our community
is taken care of by Martin

Martin Ďurina#8075